Sunday, December 6, 2015

Reporters/Readers/How Many Others Don't Know the Law?

We received this from a reader:

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Unless strangulation is involved, the incident referred to is a misdemeanor. This coach, whom we have heard has been involved in many domestic altercations, has unfortunately never been arrested before. No arrests, no priors. If a woman or her family don't report a crime, in the eyes of the law, it didn't happen. Judge Medley gave the appropriate sentence for a first offense.

What will happen now? If we had to guess, spots are hard to change...


Recently Tom Smith of the TimesDaily reported on an upcoming Capital Murder case; he said Capital Murder is subject to 2 years to Life Without in prison or death. Uh, no. He always says this, and we can't fathom why.

Capital Murder has only two possible sentences: Life Without or Death. That's it. Mr. Smith doesn't understand the difference between Capital Murder and (Felony) Murder.  


A conversation at a recent Thanksgiving gathering reminded us of another "law" that we have heard all our life here in Alabama. In this state a couple can't marry and divorce each other more than three times. As a child/young person, we thought nothing of this when we heard it repeated, but as an adult, this sounds utterly inane. Still, it's Alabama, so we asked our favorite legal eagle friend.

No truth to that old tale, he said. If anyone knows where this fallacious notion may have originated, please let us hear.


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