Saturday, December 19, 2015

Where's the TD Editor?

If it’s Sunday, shouldn’t the TD editor put in an appearance on the editorial page? That’s been a long standing tradition, but the current editor doesn’t seem to be inclined to offer his wit and wisdom once a week.

Was it the Shelton family’s idea to discontinue this tradition? We don’t know. We do know just after we blogged that we actually agreed with the TD on its stance concerning the closure of driver license offices in this state, the next week, with no explanation, just the opposite view was then espoused in the same editorial space. This should tell us that the Decatur Daily has its creeping cadaverous hand in Shoals area business.


On a related subject, it’s long been the theory of many that the TD is simply here to act as a cheerleading squad for the area. God forbid any in depth reporting is ever demonstrated.

We were reminded of that today when the headline concerned shopping in Tuscumbia, while the story of a local heroin trafficking arrest was displayed much farther down the front page. At least a local retail concern benefitted. Want to bet this same shop will soon be taking out an ad in the TD?


Talk about your branding: We hear that Rob Adolph Carnegie has issued the order whenever he’s referred to in news articles, he’s to be denoted as “President & CEO Rob Carnegie.” C’mon, Robbie Baby, why not just call yourself Der Fuhrer and be done with it?

Hmmmm, what’s next, playing Hail to the Chief whenever Carnegie enters any official meeting? Maybe he’s giving his new CD Rob Carnegie Yodels Mahler to tourism board members for Christmas? Maybe he’ll become so famous that DreamVision will make him an offer he can’t refuse? Yeah, we’d like that last one.

Of course, the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board deserves whatever it gets. Wonder how many of them miss Debbie Wilson by now?


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