Tuesday, December 22, 2015

So Where Do You Get Your Heroin?

If you managed to read far enough down the front page of the TimesDaily recently, you learned of a Colbert County man who was arrested for heroin trafficking. He will also be facing federal gun charges.

Yet it’s the heroin arrest that is most interesting. We’re told that heroin is fairly cheap, hence the upswing in usage. If it’s that cheap, the profit must be in volume. How many heroin users do we have in the area? What do all these users do when they can’t get a fix? It takes time to get into rehab or to get a prescription for a substitute narcotic.

Oh, epiphany! They probably just track down someone in Lauderdale County Community Corrections to get their next fix…


Are all correctional institutions alike? Apparently not. We’ve been told that Limestone is run extremely well. Perhaps as many as two cell phones make it into the prison each year, and they’re soon confiscated.

Limestone is a medium security facility, so the correction officers obviously face challenges each day. Kudos to them—one in particular. We feel sure he owes his success to his lovely wife.


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