Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Judges/WLAY Gone for Good?

You’re in need of surgery; which physician would you choose: Doc A who has five or less years experience; Doc B who has 15 years experience; or Doc C who has been practicing for 25 years?

Certainly there are more variables in any employment equation than just years of experience, but years on any job count for much. What about judges? What should you consider when you elect a new circuit court judge?

Lauderdale County is facing elections in two of its three circuit court judgeships, and the primary is now less than three months away. Do your homework.

We’ll be making endorsements in January or February, but as always we happily publish comments/blogs in favor of candidates we don’t support. Let us know what you think!


Is Muscle Shoals radio station WLAY now gone for good? The old sign of which most of us have fond memories, is...well, we hear it's somewhere rusting away. Could it have been saved? We have no idea. The interesting thing is that we have received no mail asking about saving WVNA--its sign still rusting away on Mitchell Boulevard.



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