Saturday, December 12, 2015

Could Sheffield Face More Lawsuits?

No...the City of Sheffield STILL hasn't seen fit to install the 'speed hump' in front of Sheffield High School that has been advertised for months. This fact begs some more questions: Obviously SOMEONE within the City of Sheffield's hierarchy recognized a 'need' for some sort of device or mechanism to slow down traffic in front of Sheffield High School. Was this 'need' the result of complaints by school officials, parents, or students? Or was it the result of a 'near-miss'? If a 'need' was determined, WHY ONLY for Sheffield High School? Anyone living in the immediate area will tell you that speeding traffic is FAR WORSE near L. E. Willson than any other school in Sheffield. The mere addition of a STOP sign at 31st Street and 21st Avenue would do a world of good in slowing down speeding traffic approaching L. E. Willson.

Perhaps the greatest concern, though, for the City of Sheffield is the 'legal minefield' the installation of the 'Speed Hump' sign in front of Sheffield High School has created. In installing the sign, the City of Sheffield has ACKNOWLEGED the existence of a dangerous situation. Yet, the city hasn't done anything about it OTHER THAN install a sign advertising a non-existent 'speed hump'. The city also CANNOT REMOVE IT. The City of Sheffield, due to its action/inaction, has placed itself LEGALLY in the midst of a 'Catch-22'. IF the city continues to delay the installation of the 'speed hump', and someone is injured or killed by a speeding car, or IF they remove the sign, and someone is hit or killed by a speeding car, the City of Sheffield WILL BE SUED. Why? Because SOMEONE has acknowledged that a PROBLEM EXISTS.

J. Redmon


We assume yesterday's Homeland Security visit to UNA was in connection to the missing Afghan pilots from Georgia. There have been no press releases or other information forthcoming. Let's hope these pilots are simply seeking asylum.



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