Monday, December 7, 2015

Updates on Sheffield Lawsuit/Chris Balentine

First we have a correction/addendum from a confidential source regarding the Tammy Holden termination hearing:

The council did see the emails but Steve Baccus said they were irrelevant to the case. Underwood had asked that Ian Sanford be a witness and be cross-examined which Baccus and the council said they would not do. Ian was called as a witness which the city council overrode. He was not allowed to be cross-examined by Holden's attorney. 

Ian was also asked to recuse himself from voting because of the hostile environment, emails, and recorded statement from him saying Holden's attire was appropriate. Sanford initially said he never said that, but acquiesced when he heard the secretly recorded conversation.

We also want to add that Streets & Sanitation Department head Bradley Bump's wife now works for the Tuscumbia Parks and Recreation Department. Somehow that doesn't sound less stressful.


Meanwhile in Lauderdale County, we hear that Muscle Shoals Coach Chris Balentine's wife has filed for divorce. 


Also in Lauderdale, Mackenzie Crosswhite remains missing. This is her second bunk, and we commented on a linked article that she should be grounded for life. Some felt she was the victim in all this. We have no idea what her emotional problems may be, but we do know her father is extremely worried about her. She's 17; she has to know what kind of impact this kind of thing has on others, as well as her own education (how much school has she missed?). Above all, we hope she is found safe. Here is a link to information concerning Mackenzie; it contains an updated physical description and more on the man the teenager is believed to have left with.


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