Thursday, December 10, 2015

UNA Football v. Muscle Shoals High School Football

Three years ago, a third-string UNA football player tweeted a racist remark about the president. He was kicked off the team. We have no idea how many followers this young man had on Twitter; however, there were obviously complaints. Did UNA do the right thing? Well...he was third string, and we consider it no great loss if he'd been first string.

Fast forward to last month, and a man with a large Facebook following posted a highly critical meme concerning Chris Balentine, one that we felt was well deserved. Many commented, including several Muscle Shoals football players.

One woman had added some critical comments to the post, using no profanity, no racism, nothing that could have been found offensive. One Muscle Shoals player offered the extremely erudite rebuttal that the woman was a "lowdown f**king whore." My, my, did he learn those words from Coach Balentine?

No matter where he learned them, nothing was done to the young man. The entire post was later removed from Facebook. We'll be sure to check on the whereabouts of this young man in about five years.


It's been reported that there was a called meeting of city officials in Sheffield last night. We have no other information on this, but welcome any from readers.



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