Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Don't They Teach Math in Sheffield?

On the City of Sheffield debacle: There was wrong on both sides, at least as we see it. The detail of most concern is obviously the e-mails which set the city up for a lawsuit. The area of second concern? The secretly recorded phone call.

Apparently Mayor Sanford (conveniently?) forgot the conversation with Mrs. Holder over the issue of her casual attire until confronted with a secret recording of the conversation. We also have problems with how this recording was made. Isn’t that illegal? Yes, wrong on both sides. So when you want it backed up, converse via texts.

A third area of concern is math. That’s right math. Mrs. Holden claimed 194.25 hours of comp time for answering the phone during what would have been her normal lunch hour until a new phone system was installed in “the summer.” By our calculation, if she worked five days a week until the end of June, she would have accumulated 195 hours (they’re figured at time and a half). How many hours did the city clerk calculate? 51. Even subtracting holidays can’t account for the clerk’s astonishing calculation. As Barbie once said, math is hard. Apparently so are ethics and civility.


There will be some personnel changes coming up at Waterloo school when a former Muscle Shoals system principal joins the rural Lauderdale system; are other changes on the horizon for Muscle Shoals? We hear they are. Stay tuned…


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  1. It's actually completely legal to secretly record a conversation. In the state of Alabama, if one individual is aware of the recording, it is legal and valid to use in the court. So no it's not illegal....