Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sheffield/Inspiration Landing: If Beale Street Could Talk...

The City of Sheffield has hired a long time Parks and Recreation employee to replace terminated administrative assistant Tammy Holden. The council’s pick, Kalyn Dorton, will report to superintendent Bradley Bump whose wife reportedly works for Parks and Recreation. It’s a small world…

Also in Sheffield, there are those concerned about John Elkington’s track record. The Tennessee developer plans to create a housing/recreation complex in Sheffield to be called Inspiration Landing. Sure, why not? It couldn’t go any more wrong than DreamVision, could it?


It's been five years since the City of Memphis washed its hands of John Elkington:

To paraphrase a certain wag on a local forum: They wouldn't have fallen for this in Zip City.


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  1. Bradley Bump's wife works for the city of Tuscumbia, not Sheffield. To my knowledge she has never worked for Sheffield. Just thought that corrected information would help.