Thursday, December 24, 2015

What Price Heroin?

We’re told heroin might not be so cheap a drug after all. From a local independent journalist:

Heroin isn't cheap here. Like a 400% markup compared to large cities. .1 grams for $40 compared to .1 grams for $10. Its bitter sweet though because at that price addicts may as well stay on pharmaceutical because its guaranteed consistent quality and quantity. That is the flaw in heroin. The dope, outsode of being terribly addictive, is safe. You can live a perfectly normal life on opiates as long as you dont run out or OD. However when you are used to .3 of some 7% dope and suddenly there is some bags of 15% dope going around, you more than double your dose which could be lethal. I've heard horror stories of doctors cutting off their patients simply because they said something that offended the doc. What is the patient supposed to do? That is sick and evil. Cut off a patient who physically needs the medication over something they said.

How about those narcotic substitutes? If you want to get clean, how much will it cost you?

A local clinic has been advertising its services in combating drug addiction with suboxone. The ads in the Courier-Journal don’t use a name, and this has concerned some families who feel their loved ones are receiving substandard care. Perhaps the owners of the Lexington Clinic are just a little paranoid over misguided users who may target the clinic for a quick fix at one o’clock in the morning? Remember the pair who literally carted away the dumpster at the Sheffield methadone clinic?

The cost for one month’s treatment? $250.00…but it also includes counseling of some ilk. Perhaps one should ask if a facility makes money from patients who are hooked on drugs, does it really want those individuals to be free of addiction?

Suboxone is the standard treatment for many types of drug addiction and is supposedly tightly controlled. Yet this was one of the drugs John Wesley Akin was arrested for trafficking in Lauderdale County last year, along with heroin.

And honest citizens can’t even buy some sinus medicine without having to sign for it…


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