Friday, December 4, 2015

Mr. Mayor, 99.99% Don't Want to See What You Sent!

When we first heard about the racial and sexual nature of the e-mails in question in the latest lawsuit against the City of Sheffield, we weren't sure what to think. Two city officials were guilty of this, according to the attorney quoted in the TD article. Who were they, and what did they send?

Later we were informed via a confidential source that one of the misguided department heads was Dewey King, a man whom, judging from our e-mail over the years, no one likes for more reasons than we can count. Who was the other?

Let's digress here for a minute. This is a political blog, and we try to be fair. If we supported you in past elections and later you take out half your constituents with an Uzi, we're going to report on that. Our citizens deserve better. As a woman writing this blog today, I can say that women deserve better treatment than they receive in the workplace.

That being said, Mr.Mayor Ian Sanford, no female working for you (at least the ones I know) want to see a photograph of a penis. I don't care how funny the joke is; BTW this one wasn't funny. We've read some of the other jokes you have sent to employees...and some were funny, but as mayor should you have sent them to ANY employees? What were you thinking sending one whose punch line was the photo of a penis? (No we're not going to publish it here, but it will be in Colbert County court records soon enough.)

We've said it before and we'll say it again here. Whistle blowers get no respect. People have to work for a living and put up with quite a bit from supervisors, usually those with a high school diploma and five ex-wives, but from a college educated male who holds the respect of the community?

We're sad to publish this today.


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  1. What about the Council members, what do they have to say about this, and they fired the girl for what exactly?