Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Assistant Superintendent in Muscle Shoals Schools?

We've learned that approximately 18 months ago the Muscle Shoals City School System posted a job opening for a second assistant superintendent. We don't know how many applied for the job, but the extremely qualified Gale Satchell was one of them. Then the job posting was abruptly withdrawn, with the system saying there simply wasn't enough money to afford another assistant. Hmmmm, no one considered that before the job posting went public?

Mary Ann Stegall has been the sole person serving in the position of assistant, but is now retiring. Will there now be two positions to fill? If so who will be the lucky/unlucky finalists?

Our friend the swami is predicting Chad Holden and Denise Woods.

Any other changes the swami sees in the system's future? Kevin Davis, known to many of our regular readers as Sasquatch, will be moved to the career tech school as an "interim" principal. Maybe he'll find some new hair colors there to criticize.


Returning to that city on the bluff, we've had an interesting comment about recording phone conversations.Thanks to a reader for giving us a heads up on the legality of this in Alabama. From a freedom of the press site:

Alabama law sets criminal penalties for recording or disclosing private communication of others without the consent of at least one of the persons involved. The statute also bans secret observations while trespassing on private property. Those divulging illegally obtained communications also face criminal penalties.

Since the consent of one party was a given in the Holden/Sanford conversation, no laws were broken in this state.



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