Saturday, December 5, 2015

Questions About Tammy Holden Dismissal

We've been asked several questions about the recent dismissal of Tammy Holden from the Sheffield Street & Sanitation Department. We will answer what we can...

* What does the Sheffield City Council say about all this? Apparently nothing. We will say that when Mrs. Holden was terminated with their approval, they had not seen the e-mails to which she had been subjected.

* Why was Ms. Holden terminated? Basically, her current supervisor accused her of insubordination and not following the dress code. Department head Bradley Bump admits he didn't like Ms. Holden, and vice versa.

* How bad was the genitalia photo sent out by Ian Sanford? There probably isn't a delicate way to answer this question; the extreme lower part was covered by a pair of unzipped jeans. Does it qualify as porn? We would say so. There was another e-mail featuring a cartoon tattoo of a vagina. Some very bad taste all around considering these e-mails came from Mayor Sanford.

* What's next? Mrs. Holden has filed a lawsuit. The city will have to defend it in some manner. It should be interesting.


From a reader:

I have heard that Chief Ray is actually performing as a Chief should since Dewey's troubles have been made public. He is vowing to 'clip the wings of some rogue officers, and insure that ALL incidents receive the written reports that they require.' It seems that the past couple of years have seen some Sheffield PD officers shirking their duty, apparently with Dewey's 'blessings. That appears to be over.


Above is Bradley Bump. According to Facebook, his wife Nancy is also an administrative assistant with the City of Sheffield. Holden has stated she feared Bump was about to sabotage the spreadsheet she had created on the location of city wheelie bins.. 


On the subject of Dewey King, we do know that he has been under investigation concerning a matter not related to the e-mails. We have not been given permission to release any details as yet. We understand that the results of this investigation will be brought forward whether King resigns or not.


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  1. Greg Ray will never behave as a Chief. He does like he's told to do so he doesn't get fired a 3rd time. He's certainly got no room to talk about "rogue" officers or Department Discipline. The man is a joke who has zero leadership ability.