Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"You Said It?" Really?

A recent “You Said It” decried self check outs at Walmart. They took away jobs from human beings. Yes, all automation takes away jobs from humans; however, new technology ostensibly leads the way to increased jobs in other fields.

We’ve always been bemused by those who want to go backward in time instead of forward. How would it be if all washing machines were outlawed? Would the “You Said It” commenter like having to take his/her washing to a laundry where others were employed to do this task for him/her and then charge for it? We think not. Yet we have no doubt there were those 100 years ago who decried the advent of automatic washers.

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We all know what tomorrow is. We suggest we all be thankful for the blessings of God, including automatic washers and self checkouts.


Question: Does the atheist thank Publix for his Thanksgiving Dinner? Or maybe Heavenly Ham? Inquiring minds and all…



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