Sunday, November 1, 2015

Contraband and Work Release

The following information was provided by an individual formerly assigned to a local work release program:

As with anything, if enough determination, creativity, and $$ are used, ANYthing available on the street can be had in a correctional facility. It's just far easier to obtain in a work release-type environment. Unless THOROUGH inmate searches are done IMMEDIATELY upon entry to the work release site, there is virtually NO CHANCE of such behavior ending. In the past there have rarely been enough staff on site to search each and every inmate when they enter the building. Contraband (drugs, cell phones, etc), has been found in outside food brought in (inside sealed boxes, etc), inside confiscated cell phones, inside drink containers, inside boots and articles of clothing, inside ink pens, etc. The hiding places and the creativity of the inmates and others involved is limitless. And then there are the 'other' hiding places that require 'gloving up' to search. There is NO WAY such invasive searches of male inmates can be, or will be, done with only female staff on site. However, there IS 'one thing' that WOULD help: Every single time contraband (regardless of what it may be) is found on an inmate, CHARGES of 'introducing contraband into a correctional facility' MUST BE FILED.

But as long as the inmates' creativity and determination is GREATER THAN that of the administration, board members, and staff, the availability of contraband in work release programs will continue unabated.



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