Monday, November 16, 2015

Steve Modas Calls Out Chad Holden

From the Wife Beaters Should Not Be Allowed to Be Teachers Page:

Chad Holden has still not gotten back with me. These questions still remain unanswered . I never thought he would. Chad Holden is the most self centered person you will ever meet. He's principal of Muscle Shoals High School and on the School Board in Lauderdale County... I think he thinks he is too good to answer my questions... These are the questions I would like you to answer Chad Holden...I would like to know if you we're consulted in the decision to only give coach Balentine a 5 day suspension.... The news articles I read said that the superintendent consulted with the athletic director but your never mentioned you . As principal were you consulted ? If not why not ? Do you agree with his slap on the wrist punishment for breaking his wife's nose ? Does it bother you ? Do you think he should be around students without first at least getting some help ? Do you think what he did was worse than a girl coming to class with her hair dyed red ? You told her she couldn't come back until her hair was dyed back to its natural color ... You don't think your Coach should have had to wait until he had anger management classes ? You probably won't answer this and I guess you have that right but I'm going to make sure everyone knows that you won't answer these questions if you don't. My last question is are you concerned and will you take responsibility if he ever lost it at school like he did Halloween night and hurts a student and if you do think it's ok for him to continue teaching will you resign if he ever does ?

Editor's Note: Holden is not running for re-election in Lauderdale County.


We're still waiting for info on just who was paying for Chris Balentine's "work" cell phone that was at the center of the melee Halloween night...


A reader from Muscle Shoals has asked who profits from the advertising revenue produced from the LED reader-board at the high school. We have no idea. Anyone know? We do know that one advertiser is Adam Rue Auto Sales.


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