Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jeremy Williams Gets Only Felony Murder?!

Jeremy Williams, a man who had no job but did have domestic violence convictions, kills another man by shooting him once and stabbing him 68 times. He then disposes of the body by attaching it to cinder blocks and dumping it off a bridge. His punishment? At most it will be Life With the Possibility of Parole.

Williams stole from his victim, Brioni Rutland, making his crime a capital offense. The jury could have convicted the Florence man for that crime, but chose a lesser one. Their rationale? We have no idea.

We do know that in Limestone County Joel Moyers unintentionally (he claimed) fired into a moving truck, hit someone he didn't know, someone he said he didn't mean to hurt, and was convicted of Capital Murder. Rhyme or reason? There is none.

Well, none if we don't consider the "who you know" angle...



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