Sunday, November 15, 2015

New Info in Joel Moyers' Case?/Murder in Muscle Shoals

We understand that there will soon be either a news conference or press release relating to the late Joel Moyers' conviction of Capital Murder in Limestone County. We'll update here when new info is available.


After we had commented on the article concerning Moyers' death, T. D. Murray, a witness at the trial and father to Bronwen Murray, Brandon Hydrick's girlfriend, called us a "troll." Really? Simply because we corrected the weapon that killed Hydrick and listed Brandon's three misdemeanors committed the night of his death.

Hydrick's BAC was almost three times over the limit; this wasn't his first rodeo in the wonderful world of intoxication. The fact that he hadn't passed out indicates he was used to this type of drunkenness. Sad. Perhaps his girlfriend thought she could reform him. They always think that and they're never successful.


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