Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Three Wise Readers Comment on Coach

Reader No. 1: Alabama needs more laws like it needs more legislators, but there should be one that prevents two drunk parents from calling on an underage child to drive them home when they're falling down drunk. What kind of memories will this young man have?

Reader No. 2: An awful lot of effort is being expended on a certain Muscle Shoals football coach in an apparent effort to make an incident of domestic violence 'go away'. Are such efforts usually afforded all others accused of domestic violence? Shouldn't the actions of a college-educated individual charged with the education of our children be held to a higher standard?

Reader No. 3: In regards to the 5 days suspension. Something that is being missed is that Balentine pleading guilty and being sentenced is an active sentence till he fulfills the terms of the pre-trial diversion.

Which means, until he completes the intervention for domestic violence/anger management and alcohol abuse intervention programs, he is under a conviction.

There would be grave consequences for a school system if, during this period of treatment, he were to violate the terms of his pre-trial diversion or have a fit of rage on or off school campus or during school sanctioned activities. Should that happen, anyone subject to being present or a victim of his illness can, and should, take everyone to court that has a part in his being on the public payroll and around our children.

The scuttle butt around town is how Lindsey publicly showed how insignificant Holden is. His comment about talking to attorney (Huntsville firm) and the AD to come to a decision...



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