Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Equal Enforcement?/Prisoner Abuse?

First, the 'good': This past Friday's 'Trunk or Treat' in downtown Sheffield was AWESOME! There were 4 blocks of participants. Yes. 4 BLOCKS. Every conceivable costume was present. The happy, smiling children were the best part.

Now for the 'bad': Several individuals have reported to me that they were told, rather rudely, by Sheffield police officers, that they were 'not allowed to have their dogs (even on leashes) at the event.' I personally witnessed one of these incidents take place. I also witnessed numerous other dog owners that WEREN'T confronted by any law enforcement personnel. Those individuals that were confronted were in their 20s and early 30s. Older dog owners weren't bothered.

Now for the $64 million question(s): The Halloween event took place on PUBLIC PROPERTY. The dog owners that were told to remove their dogs from the event HAD THEIR DOGS ON LEASHES. WHAT city ordinance did these dog owners violate and IF any ordinance WAS violated, WHY wasn't the enforcement done EQUALLY?

J. Redmon


Why should it be public knowledge just where a prisoner is housed? It's not just for the safety of the public, but the prisoner's safety also. Think of the small town police chief arresting his daughter's working class boyfriend. 

The unfortunate young man trips coming out of a coffee shop, and the chief arrests him for PI, open container (no matter it contained only coffee), and resisting arrest (he actually asked what was going on). Once at the jail, he's beaten or sent to a mental health facility and his family never hears from him again.

Now, you see why such things are governed by the Sunshine Law?


BTW, for the vocabulary challenged, the definition of kidnapping is to seize a person by force or fraud. Most people don't understand the latter part of that definition



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