Saturday, November 21, 2015

No Drug Arrests?

From a reader:

A Lawrence county man drives to Colbert County to trade stolen items for Crack Cocaine. Lawrence County law enforcement arrests the man IN Colbert County on Jarmon Lane and NO arrests are listed on those he was getting drugs from?

Now, would a junkie lie? Yep. Usually it is to get OUT of trouble, not to get in deeper. Would someone trade Cocaine for stolen merchandise? Yep. Is this a problem in Colbert County? Yep.

Obviously, "Sheriff" Williamson was just kidding when he campaigned that he was going to get rid of drugs in Colbert County. Wonder why he is ignoring them. (Many years past, bootlegging was the issue in Colbert County because the bootleggers just "greased" the right hands. Dejavu?)

While drugs are rampant in Colbert County, it ranks up there with the lack of animal control by the "Sheriff".

His campaign promises were obviously like all his marriage proposals - EMPTY LIES.

I believe Pinocchio Williamson has a problem telling the truth.


We don't know the circumstances of the above arrest. The dealers could be included in a larger planned drug bust. We are happy to publish readers' comments--even when they damn a candidate we supported. We look forward to some official answers soon.



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