Friday, November 27, 2015

Florence Owes UNA Parking Spaces?/Billy Hammock

We've just read another "You Said It" in which the commenter declared the City of Florence owed UNA students a place to park if the university decided to rent storefronts for classrooms. Really?

Let's see how that would work. Florence tears out meters, installs UNA parking signs on X number of spaces...then UNA fails to rent the space the next year. That's just one scenario. There are actually worse ones.

For the record, Florence budgets thousands of dollars for UNA each year. Nice, huh? We're not saying that the university doesn't deserve the funding; we're saying that the city does support the local university. UNA students don't do a very good job parking in approved university spots. How good would they be about parking in designated spots downtown?


We're not endorsing anyone yet in the race for Lauderdale County License Commissioner,but we wish to commend local businessman Billy Hammock. Why?

Hammock is the first candidate to be interviewed who DIDN'T state he deserved the job because a relative of his had previously filled the position. Ah, Alabama politics! Making Chicago look good...


Many of us yesterday...


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