Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tourism Tax Money/Comments?

Local tourism is funded by lodging tax. Anyone who rents a hotel/motel room pays an added tax; ergo, most of this tax money does come from outside home counties. Exceptions would be those who had to leave their homes due to damage, etc., those housing out of town guests, and of course (ahem) those who can't find room in the Brooks High parking lot.

These funds remain with the tourism office/board to spend as they see fit. For some time it has been rumored that the City of Florence wants to confiscate a substantial sum of this money. In the past, we have agreed that this was a bad idea. Now, we're not so sure. Our board seems to have exercised some very poor judgment recently. We understand some are readying legal action against the board for removing cameras from their meetings. We say: Go for it!.


Apologies for typing in the name Roy Moore yesterday instead of Terry A. Moore. We've corrected the post title, but have no idea how to correct the URL in Blogger. We appreciate any input since we often have this problem with typos, etc.


Someone recently accused this blog of not accepting comments. This is totally untrue. We do ask that commenters use a name. It can be Bugs Bunny for all we care--it's simply to help readers keep track of who says what.

We do know of two local WordPress sites that no longer take comments due to the spam problem with that platform. We don't have that trouble with Blogger, so fire away!



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