Sunday, November 29, 2015

December: Happy Trial Days?

December is fast approaching, and with it some interesting trials…unless again delayed for various forensic reasons. Mark Edwin Montgomery is facing trial for the murder of two women and a dog. It should be a slam dunk Capital Murder conviction, but after Jeremy Williams’ recent trial, we may need to rethink that.


Let’s digress here a minute; do you ever expect to hear?:

“Mr. Doe, you’ve been convicted by a jury of your peers of kidnapping, raping, slaughtering, and cannibalizing 16 nuns and a cocker spaniel; however, this court has received affidavits from several of your friends, most under 25…years of age and IQ points…who state you have a good heart. Therefore, I’m going to let you go this time with only a warning.”


Meanwhile back in the real world, the third attempt to try Wes Akin and Brady Irons for drug trafficking should also be coming up. Has the heroin trade slacked up in the two years since the reputed major dealers in the Shoals were arrested?

We have no idea, but it seems about time for another major drug bust. Just who names those operations anyway? Remember Rick Thompson’s Operation Copy Cat? Limestone County seems to like the term Operation Spring Clean. North of the state line, we’ve just had Operation Glacier (maybe they only arrested those dealing in “ice?”).

Why not have more transparency? How about “Operation Get Joe the Mole and His Old Lady Off the Streets” or “Operation Ship the Needmore Gang’s Backside Down South?” Somehow those have a much more memorable ring to them.


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