Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Coming Home?/Blog Index

Ashley Fawn Greenhill, the lone remaining incarcerated accomplice of Ronald Weems in the murder of Amanda Taylor, will end her sentence on Friday. A third co-conspirator of Weems finished her sentence several days earlier than anticipated, apparently due to having some lost Correctional Incentive Time restored.


We have published our petition to rename Pocket Park in North Florence in honor of deceased businessman Carmel D. Olive. We hope that each of you will take a few seconds to sign the request.  The park is now a jewel in the neighborhood’s crown and would be a fitting memorial for Mr. Olive.

We noticed that one featured petition on Change. Org asked Sec. of State John Kerry to save humanity. We won’t hold our breath on that one, but a change you can ensure is memorializing Mr. Olive in the local community. You may not be able to save the world, but you can aid in holding the block.


We’ve received some input on our best and worst blogs/stances over the past seven years; however, some have asked us to restore the blog index to our sidebar in order to make surfing past blogs easier. We’ve done just that and await your input on the topics we’ve covered over the past years.


Links: Please remember that when we publish links to other sites, we have no power to edit the material in these articles. If you thought the “homosexualist” article was inane or wanted to comment on a certain career criminal, we’re unable to accommodate your requests.

While on the subject of sociopathic criminals, please remember that these individuals are public property in almost every sense of the word. Simply reporting on a latest arrest is not libelous nor is linking such an article. Don’t want to be the object of ridicule? Don’t commit a crime. Pretty simple, isn’t it?



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