Saturday, November 7, 2015

Wife Beater Central: Look Quick--Before It's Taken Down!

Sorry for the profanity, but we're making an exception here. Want more?

Remember: You gotta be a football hero to make it with the beautiful girls!


Our take? This is just our speculation, but the beating was on Friday October 30th. Was the good ol' boy coach celebrating making the playoffs with a perfect record by bending his elbow some? Alcohol being so good for marriage and all! We also have to ask how many times this has happened when his wife has not been beaten so badly she had to go to the hospital?



  1. This is terrible. I am a domestic violence survivor & it's pathetic that sports are so much more important in society. I along with hundreds of other women wrote a letter to Roger Goodell about Ray Rice. I am a part of the Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence organization & help with Crisis Services of North Alabama.