Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Chris Balentine Arrest Report

So much for he accidentally slung her against the wall...

The Report, redacted to remove names of sons:

Investigator: James Distanfano (?) 
Charges: Domestic Violence Third Degree-Assault (13A-6-132) 

On 11/2/2015 I received this report involving Mr. And Mrs. Balentine. I called Ms. Ballentine and asked her to come to OnePlace of the Shoals and talk to me about what happened Saturday night. Gina Balentine and her sister Greta Erwin came in and talked to be a few hours later. Ms. Balentine told me that she and her husband Christopher were at a Halloween party Saturday night and she seen some text messages on his work phone from another woman telling him that she loved him. When they got ready to leave, they called their 17 year old son XXX to come pick them up because they both had been drinking. While waiting on XXX to come get them they began arguing about the text messages and the fact that she though he was cheating on her. Ms. Balentine said that after XXX got there and picked them up, they continued to argue on the way home. When they got to their house and got out of the truck, Mr. Balentine got in Ms. Balentine’s face and punched her in the nose which busted it. Their son XXX witnessed the assault and ran inside to get his older brother XXX. XXX and XXX brought Ms. Balentine inside and began cleaning her face up because it was covered in blood. XXX told XXX to get their father out of there before he hurt him so XXX took him to their grandmother’s house. XXX said that his mother is in very bad health and has been having seizures lately so he was afraid after seeing his mother’s face so he called his aunt Greta Erwin to come to the house and help him. Great came to the house and the two of them took Ms. Balentine to the ECM emergency room where it was determined that she had a broken nose.

We'e going to make only a few comments:

1. This report was sent to us unsolicited, but we felt it worth publishing.

2. Work phone? Does this mean the citizens of Muscle Shoals are paying for this phone which Balantine uses to communicate with females other than his wife?

3. The report indicates the actual date of the assault was October 31st, not 30th, as we had seen published elsewhere and used in our blog.



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  1. Sickening behavior on the part of this coach. This will teach students that domestic violence is OK against women. This incident will see what the City of Muscle Shoals stands for in regard to wife beating. If he keeps his job it sends a message to other criminals: "Come live in Muscle Shoals the Recording Capitol where you can join with city employees in a game of "bust a female in the face with your fist". He has to be fired and severely punished.