Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Eleven54? Might Be a Matter of Taste...

There's a new business at the Seven Points intersection in North Florence. We had received a few highly critical e-mails regarding the shop before we actually saw the "renovation" to the old drive-thru eatery, carpet store, plus-size dress shop, specialty restaurant, bakery. We're using the term renovation very gingerly here.

We're all for local businesses, but this one reminded us of the now defunct Rusty Dime in Muscle Shoals...an eyesore. Sorry.We calls it as we sees it. We've seen better looking jury-rigging in Little Guatemala in Russellville, tin and all.

If anyone is extremely concerned, the store may be violating some building codes; it's worth the effort to find out. If not, the owners of the next business to locate there will take down the debris that's been nailed to the outside of the building soon enough. Nothing seems to last over five years there.


We now have an answer to the question concerning the Jarmon Lane arrest by Lawrence County authorities. We're waiting for permission to publish the details.



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