Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Should We Expect Answers? A Guest Blog

Chad Holden is not going to answer Mr. Modas' questions. As a Lauderdale County School Board member and MSHS principal, he should respond in a timely manner to anyone requesting information, the same applies to all elected or appointed officials. If you were to review Mr. Holden's campaign platform and promises, one would have to ask where the published findings are from his "task force" that he touted as one of his accomplishments that warranted election to the Lauderdale School Board. Perhaps Mr. Holden needs to remember some of his past transgressions and his demands for answers from other elected officials.

Mr. Modas, you might want to consider a formal request for information. The freedom of information act might be a good means to obtain records on who paid for a "work phone" that enabled Coach Chris Balentine to carry out an (censored).. Keep in mind, those texts can be obtained as well which may be a part of divorce court in time. Heaven forbid if his sick wife were to be killed in one of his drunken rages. Then a murder trial will surely expose the answers that otherwise are not forthcoming.

LED billboards:

The principal of each school that has advertisers on campus gets the money from the advertisement of the bill board for their "principal account". Money is spent completely at the principal's discretion - and as evident in the hiring of Kevin Davis and the "punishment" of Chris Balentine. No consultation with or oversight by the M.S. Board.

There again, one needs to ask, who does have oversight of activities in and around MS school campuses. It hasn't been too long ago that pictures were plastered on school websites of the youth minister at Highland Park Baptist hugging students at the flag pole and other activities.

All in the faMily.

Leslie M. Shoals


We regret the necessity of censoring part of the above guest blog; however, until the public adjudication of some of these issues, we felt it best. Comments welcome.



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