Thursday, November 12, 2015

Football Before Murder?/Wife Beaters Page

From a faithful reader:

Have you see the candlelight memorial that has been organized? It's Saturday at 6pm at Heritage Park.

Here is something very important.  On the day Connie Ridgeway was murdered (Oct 23rd), Chief Terry Holden was in Tuscaloosa for the Alabama football game.  He received the call and did not come back to Rogersville until Sunday, Oct. 25th.  This is quite possibly the first murder in the town limits and the chief law enforcement officer chooses to watch Alabama play football.  He is currently running for Lauderdale County Board of Education. He enjoys titles, but not the responsibility that goes along with it.  I don't know a chief around that wouldn't have turned their vehicle around and come back to town after hearing of a murder in their town.  I love Alabama football myself, but it doesn't take priority over the death of one of our citizens.  He is not fit to serve."



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