Thursday, November 19, 2015

Who Refers Patients to "Equine Therapy?"

Since we did an expose' on Angel Gieske, we've received comments on several other counselors who are no longer licensed. We have decided not to use the name of one such individual at this time, but we do have readers who are seeking information about her involvement in "Equine Therapy." This former counselor (license revoked March 23, 2014) who now operates as a "Life Coach" is reportedly owner of a Lauderdale County ranch where troubled youths are offered what's called equine therapy. Exactly what is this particular type of therapy?

From a reader: She has now been taking troubled kids from our area to her Farm located on Savannah Hwy in Florence and using these kids to clean her barns and horse stalls as,a way to,counseling and coaching them in life lessons to,"clean up their lives " !!! I wonder why she isn't cleaning up her own Mess instead of using these kids for Child Labor and I want to know what agencies are approving this???

We are assuming the youths who are referred to the Equine Therapy program are done so by the Lauderdale family court system and DHR. Several readers wanted to know if this violated child labor laws. We doubt that it does, but we would love to hear from anyone who has more detailed info on this.



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