Thursday, September 17, 2015

Was Alabama Supercomputer Host Hacked?

We received a message from one of our bloggers who works in a local school system that the Alabama Supercomputer had been hacked earlier. Many, many systems in the state were affected.

Those we've spoken with at various government agencies have not used the word “hacked,” but have simply said that the system was down and no more info was forthcoming. As we write this, it has been back up for some time.

We have no idea what personal information could have been obtained, but if you had a warrant for murder in Colbert County and were stopped in Lauderdale for a traffic violation, it was your lucky day. We actually heard one woman rejoicing over her close call.

Want to know more? So did we; however, there's nothing being published. Why? We did find where a non-profit organization in Leeds, Alabama, had been hacked last Friday by an organization claiming to be...ISIS.

The FBI investigated the hacking and stated about 4K random sites had been recently hacked by the same group, whoever they really are. Well, that's encouraging. Perhaps the attack on the state computer system was in response to the state's new budget?



  1. On the list of 1,000 things to worry about....this probably won't make the cut. Now, if you'd said that the NCAA bowl computer got hacked and Auburn might now be slated to play some no-name school from North Dakota for the championship deal....well, that would be worrisome. But everyone knows that the Chinese favor Alabama playing Georgia Tech.

  2. We think you're on to something there! Well...maybe not about Auburn.