Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Barbara Broach is Retiring; Who Will Replace Her?

Long-time Director of Arts & Museums for the City of Florence Barbara Broach is retiring. We understand the position has been posted internally, but not publicly. Imagine that.

Perhaps the city can come up with an extra 30K to retain some headhunters? We're sure many in Canada will be interested in the job. We're also sure that after hiring a Canadian for the post of tourism director, the powers that be in Florence feel that hiring an inside person is now required to balance the bad press.

Really? We think the replacement for Ms. Broach might just create more bad publicity than any foreign hire.


Who knew the old Fairground Road was in a minority neighborhood? We certainly learn something every day. It's a horse pasture, for cryin' out loud. The animal shelter can't be more odoriferous than that. We have no idea how this will play out, but perhaps the City of Florence better hurry up and re-purchase the old country club property.


Speaking of UNA, we have just become aware of an enormous problem at that institution. It might not be monumental to everyone, but we've certainly heard from enough of the university's neighbors to check it out.

Tune in tomorrow...


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