Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How Will City Enforce UNA Parking?

This is one area in which we commend Florence City Council President Dick Jordan. How will the city handle students parking for downtown classes?

Given the length of the classes, a student could possibly park in a metered space and not avail themselves of the parking deck. No one would be the wiser, but anyone seeking to park for lunch at Rosie's, Trowbridges, or the new barbecue eatery would be left to walk quite a distance...assuming they didn't just give up and head out to the Boulevard.

As for campus parking? It's going to be a long wait for those 400 new spaces.


Update on mysterious rig at the Sheffield Recreation Center: It apparently belongs to a city maintenance employee who has his own lawn business on the side. Hmmmm. As we all know, Sheffield would not be the first city to give preferential treatment of this nature to employees.


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