Saturday, September 26, 2015

Those Seven Pesky Words

We don't like to ban readers. No, really, we don't; however, when they continue to use profane and vulgar language we do. We recently banned the "non-girlfriend" of a man charged with manslaughter, but often we receive comments on much less heated issues which use these words.

One thing that astounded us a few months ago was the reaction of a man who apparently had worked in law enforcement for at least 20 year who didn't realize a word he had used was "dirty." That's a little frightening not only because he may be using this word around those who are actually offended by it, but also because he's never heard George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words routine. How culturally deprived is he?

We will delete comments with a few other words not on the list of seven, but we do try to give the poster a chance to resend the comment in an amended form. What if we leave a blog or Facebook intact with such a lesser "dirty word?" That must mean the comment is so on the mark that we hate to delete for such a small other words, you got it that way.


We received a few comments on our Florence animal shelter guest blog. We welcome more comments from those who have actually worked there. No place of that nature is perfect, but such antics are why we support HASRA. You can be sure your donation is put to the correct use at that wonderful private shelter.


We also had a few comments about the 8 year & 8 month sentence for Candace Irons. One reader wanted to know what kind of sentence her daughter Brady could expect. First, she could be found not guilty, but if she is found guilty, her charges were much more severe and she had quite a few more prior arrests than her mother. So we would say it won't be a lenient sentence even if the law allowed for one.


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