Thursday, September 24, 2015

DreamVision Becomes a Nightmare?

Local self-proclaimed financial wizard Bryan Robinson has reiterated that DreamVision will be making a big announcement by the end of the year. Does anyone want to hold their breath? Our question is what Robinson and others get out of this. How long can the public be put off? How long until there is a possible securities violation? No, we're certainly not accusing Mr. Robinson or anyone else of anything illegal...just dumb; however, some people may not be that generous.


Hershel Dale Graham still resides in the Kilby Infirmary in Montgomery. Sources say he is to be released on his approved medical furlough shortly. What! He's not dead yet, dying invalid that he is? We are at a total loss that the public has not been more vocal in opposing this, yet they call for vigilante justice on a girl who stabbed another young teen who had hit her with a pan even having a parole hearing.


It's almost October, and it's going to be a very big month. No, not just because we'll bring you all those versions of Sleepy Hollow from Youtube, but because three of those serving time in Amanda Taylor's death will be released, and John Wesley Akin and Brady Ann Irons will be facing a trial for drug trafficking. Any comments on the three now serving time in the Taylor case need to be made now before the trio become private citizens.


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