Saturday, September 5, 2015

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If you're not a sports fan, you may not know that the acronym WAG refers to “Wives & Girlfriends.” This being Alabama we're not too much into WAGs with the exception of those who may date/marry select college quarterbacks. That's okay—we make up for it with all the news WAGs of politicians generate.

From a reader: Whats the big deal, while mayor, Jordan circumvented state bid laws letting contracts to Libbylewinsky's employer, Tomlinson/Sims in an effort to woo her, nobody raised an eyebrow. When she got her current job nobody raised an eyebrow, even though she has no formal education in art history, public history, business, or education. By the way, these are the preferred credentials of her support staff per the city's job description. So why don't we clean up our on mess before worrying about Bentley's.

We can truthfully answer our reader that our feeble brain wobbles in an attempt to understand this. Libby Watts Jordan beats out 29 other applicants for the Rosenbaum Home position, with Todd Nix calling her far and away the best candidate, but the tourism board has to go all the way to Canada to find a new director?

Our best answer to our reader is that the public does have a limit on just how much it will take. Remember the local sitting circuit court judge who gave his girlfriend a plum job for which she wasn't qualified? Did he get re-elected? Uh, no!

We'll inject our worst peeve here: For all the money the city is paying Dick Jordan's brother-in-law to “co-ordinate” its capital projects, why can't the public get an update? Just one? We'll even take quarterly, if monthly is too much of a strain on Steve Eason.

Our reader also questions why we care about Bentley when Jordan is behaving so badly (at least in the eyes of many)? We certainly have an easy answer to that one.

Like the recent elections for sheriff in Lauderdale and Colbert Counties, only one of these men has been touting his ethical and moral behavior toward his family, and that's Robert Bentley, not Dick Jordan. The public is apparently helping to pay a salary to a woman with her own agenda...whatever that may be. We strongly suspect her agenda changes with the highest bidder.

Let's hope the situation in Montgomery is resolved quickly.


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