Saturday, September 19, 2015

Not All Sex Crimes (at UNA) Are Violent

The recent survey conducted by the University of North Alabama has rightly raised some interesting questions. Does alcohol exacerbate sex crimes? Certainly.

However, while violent rape is certainly the worst of sex crimes, we should remember that any unwanted sexual advances are still sexual abuse. A woman will usually not report unwanted fondling, but it's still a low-ranking form of sexual assault. Oh, wait, we was just an accident.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this survey is that faculty and staff are involved in approximately one out of 20 crimes reported. It's much easier to report in an anonymous survey, but these crimes need to be reported to campus police. We're not holding our breath until a UNA version of Bill Cosby is uncovered.


Now a word about Dr. William Cale and his tenure at UNA. Our recent blog about some odd statement by veep Andrew Luna was not intended to cast any dispersions on Dr. Cale. We did not always agree with his decisions, but we certainly thought he was more than competent.

Quick—if you're drowning in the Tennessee River would you refuse a life preserver thrown by serial killer John Wayne Gacy. We doubt it. That's basically the analogy a UNA staff member presented to us when Dr. Cale became bedfellows with Zing Zang Zung. UNA needed money desperately, and the high-ranking Chinese Communist had offered to provide it.

As we said earlier, it's hard to rudder the university ship when you're having to bale water to keep from drowning in debt. Certainly Dr. Cale saw the proposed partnership as a means to keep the good ship afloat. Walk a mile in his shoes and all that.

That doesn't mean we would have done the same thing; we hope we would not have. Now we have to ask just how much has UNA gained...or this alliance that quickly went nowhere.

Yes, we'd like to see exact figures. We're betting UNA came out in the red on the deal. Too bad more people didn't listen to Mr. Sam Pendleton.


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  1. UNA is drowning in debt because they don't have the cahoneys to tell employees 'no'. They make more Assistant/Associate Vice Presidents by the day. Cale sent an email stating there wasn't any money for COLA raises and two weeks later, sends an email announcing three new vice presidents. These positions had been Directors before. Why the sudden need to be VPs. I encourage all readers to look at the plethora of VP positions that have been given out over the last 10 years.