Friday, September 25, 2015

Florence Animal Shelter Problems?

We have received an interesting guest blog. We have no knowledge of the situations enumerated here; we happily publish comments and rebuttals:

Guest Blog:

I volunteered for a short time at the Animal Shelter back when HASRA was still running the place.  The reason for my short service:
  • Employee’s never seemed to do any work.  Volunteer’s cleaned, exercised, feed animals, cleaned/maintained facilities indoor and outdoor pens.  Rarely did employee’s have contact with animals other then the occasional strays they picked up (majority of animals dropped off in outside pens after hours, which should be illegal).
  • Volunteer’s controlled what happened to animals, there was no interest in reuniting “desirable” strays with owners, or, letting “desirable” animals be adopted.  All “desirable” dogs were sent immediately to foster homes and transported out of state ASAP to various dog brokers (aka highest bidder, Badass Dogs in Brooklyn pays up to $300.00 depending on breed, and they adopt them out for $450.00).   On two separate occasions, I tried adopting dogs when they were brought into the shelter, but both times told  they had already been promised to Badass Dogs.
  • Donated food, crates, medicine, and supplies obtained for the shelter animals by the volunteers, were routinely taken home (stolen) by shelter employees.
I could go on and on, but I wrote you this email to find out if you know why, Florence Animal Shelter truck stays parked in Killen at, Vinnie Grosso’ business Arx Mortis?  I’m not talking about hours shelter is closed, but during the week and hours of shelters operation. 

As always, we want what's best for the shelter animals. Let us hear your opinions.



  1. I am glad the beans are finally being spilt about the Coruption and Bull Crap that goes on at that shelter. I sure hope they write and tell more because it would curl your hair.

  2. This article is completely false! I myself volunteer at the Florence shelter! I can honestly say that the kennel employees work there butts off trying to care for all of the unwanted animals that pour in! They give them medicine, clean cages disinfect food and water bowls, do temperament testing, take the animals to the vet and document everything about every single thing about every animal. They spend countless hours trying to save as many animals as possible to keep from having to euthanize them. Yes they do send dogs to rescues but its not pure breed specific its all kinds of mix breeds as well and they have to because of the irresponsible owners around here that bring litter after litter into the shelter because they refuse to spay or neuter the animal. Or someone will adopt and animal and bring it back because of something irrelevant or they don't get the animal fixed after adoption so the animal continues to contribute to the overpopulation problem. And as far as stealing food??? The food donated to the shelter is for shelter animals and animals in foster homes! Do you have any idea how many fosters the employees care for at there own home to give as many animals as possible a chance at finding a home??? Let me go ahead and say they have alot! So even if they did take some food home to feed the foster animals they have why is it a problem? Thats what its donated for right? For feeding shelter and foster animals! Regardless of who is fostering them! People need to start taking accountability for their own actions and irresponsible decisions rather than blaming the people who work there butts off trying to save all the animals you threw away! WAKE UP!! IT CANNOT BE FIXED BY SHELTER EMPLOYEES ALONE! THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE HAS TO WORK TOGETHER TO FIX THE PROBLEM! And if you don't believe me than please go take a look for yourself! And while your at it volunteer some of your time to see what they go threw on a daily basis!