Monday, September 21, 2015

Joshua Miller: We're Calling You Out!

Joshua Miller of Florence has written to the TimesDaily, aka Totally Decatur, and questioned Lauderdale Probate Judge Will Motlow's Christianity. We have some words for Miller.

First, have you questioned Judge Motlow's stance on the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples by contacting him personally? If you haven't why did you decide to write to the TD before you did so?

Second, here's the real kicker, Miller. Why are you suddenly upset by the issuance of licenses to gay couples when for years all Alabama probate offices have issued these same licenses to divorced individuals without asking if they have a New Testament grounds for divorce? For those who may not be Bible scholars, the only grounds for remarriage after a divorce is adultery.

We really want an answer to that question, Miller. Our e-mail addy is We eagerly await your finite wisdom on this subject.


Hi, Will. We just stepped into your business. Well, you know how we are. Hope you're having a great day, and just remember to disregard comments from those with an IQ of 12 or less.



  1. If you're going to use Biblical grounds to attack one sinner, then use it to attack all sinners. That means if you turn away LGBT people, then you need to also turn away divorcées, single parents, and non-virginal single women. Jesus said love your neighbor. And the law says that what other people do with their lives is no one's business.

  2. What did you expect from a religious type riding around on a very high horse?

    Religion, not money, is the true source of all evil in the world.