Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Cabinets? Yes! New Parking? No!

Parking? No!
We all know how much kitchen cabinet technology has advanced in the past 30 years, so we can understand the University of North Alabama purchasing an entirely new set-up for their new prexy. After all, it's not like the college has any other pressing needs.


After we made the comment about dorm students abusing the College View Church of Christ parking lot, we received many, many e-mails about the parking situation at UNA. Some of our readers encouraged us to drive by mid-afternoon, then circle down Cumberland and back up to Pine. Wow!

Vehicles lined both sides of the road. Some driveways were partially blocked. There were “For Sale” signs...

This is where we have a question. Just how would a realtor show one of these lovely homes (and they are very attractive) when there's no place for him/her or the clients to park?

From the TD:

Friday, 12 days before the first class meets, 6,204 students had registered for fall courses. At the same point last year, 5,541 students had signed up for classes at UNA. That number includes new students who registered during summer orientation and students coming back to UNA for a second, third or fourth year.

The university has long known there is insufficient parking on campus. It's previously purchased houses, torn them down, and built new lots. This again needs to be done ASAP!

In the mean time, we encourage these homeowners to call police ANY time someone blocks their drive. They also need to form some sort of committee to bring this to the public's attention. Make waves homeowners. You're in the right; UNA is being a bad neighbor.


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  1. UNA officials told neighborhood residents that there would be the same number of parking spaces available for students after new dorms were built as there were before. Rice and Rivers were to be torn down, but instead they are housing students in all the old dorms plus one new dorm which opened and the other new dorm will open shortly. Now how do you have the same number of parking spaces when you have removed 2 parking lots and put up 2 new dorms in their place???