Sunday, September 13, 2015

What Is the “Truth” of the Justin Green Plea Deal?

Our blog on the misdemeanor plea for Justin Matthew Green certainly brought some differing opinions, some new “information,” and some vulgar language. What else is new?

First, vulgar language: Sorry, Justin's “friend who's only a friend,” if you use filthy and vulgar words, it says a lot about you. It also gets you banned. As for “journalism,” no one here has ever claimed any
degrees in journalism, but among those who toil here, we do have some heavy-hitting degrees. Our blog is opinion...we let you offer yours if you can keep it clean, but apparently you can't. Your language doesn't speak well for either you or Green.

Second, for those who said Arabella's maternal family didn't know about the plea, ADA Will Powell says he discussed it with them. Mr. Powell is running for office, so some of these claims may be dirty
pool, but what if the dead child's mother really didn't know?

Miss Cole may contact the judge; she also may offer a victim impact statement at sentencing. We suggest she requests Green isn't allowed into the community corrections program. If Andrew Scott can obtain enough oxycodone to kill a horse, just think what mischief Justin Green could get into.

No work release means no immediate repayment of court fees, etc. by Green, but we believe it's in the community's interest to make sure he remains in a secure lock-up for the duration of his sentence.


Does the proposed animal shelter property on Fairground Road flood? A reader tells us it does.

Another reader has criticized Mayor Mickey Haddock for doing nothing...what he does best, according to our writer. Perhaps he could delegate the search to someone in city government whose work load is super light...oh, maybe Steve Eason.


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