Saturday, September 12, 2015

Who Is Now Holding Up the New Shelter?

James Bankston has suggested a “neutral site” for the new animal shelter. Neutral? We had no idea it was a war. Perhaps Mr. Bankston could remove himself to the Korean DMZ? It's the closest neutral site we can think of.


Speaking of the animal shelter, the Tennessee Street beautification project isn't holding it up. Two different projects with two different budgets. Period.

It seems Florence City Councilman Dave Smith is helping James Bankston and his cronies to hold up the project. Let's be sure to thank Smith when the next election rolls around. He already has one announced opponent.


A guest blog:

Sheffield has a Street Department. Well, don't they? One should not be criticized for asking such a question seeing as how Sheffield's streets rival only those of Tuscumbia with regards to disrepair. Pot holes aside, the streets and alleyways of Sheffield are in deplorable condition. Many of the alleyways remain impassable to the police and utility department vehicles. Among other things, sections of 31st Street, 32nd Street and Annapolis Avenue are rapidly disappearing due to trees that need pruned and overgrown right-of-ways. Speed Zone, STOP, and School Zone signs are either damaged, missing, or are obscured by the previously mentioned trees and brush. One would think, and rightly so, that such needed maintenance would be 'routine'. One would think........


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  1. Dave Smith is simply trying to get them to use a facility ready for use...why should an area that floods be chosen which will cost a lot of money to the City of Florence be chosen? Why waste money?