Friday, September 18, 2015

Libby Jordan? Who Woulda Thunk It?

Libby Watts Jordan, third wife of Florence City Councilman Dick Jordan, is the new director of Arts & Museums in that city. That is all. In more shocking news, a bat child was found in a Colbert County cave. Bring on the comments.


Todd Nix knows which side of the bread boasts the butter.


Now for some real news. Anyone read what UNA planning director Andrew Luna said about UNA having a record enrollment? He listed three reasons and one was the new prexy. Well, Kenneth Kitts does have that Donald Trump hair thing going on.

Perhaps Kitts will be able to rudder the ship and bale at the same time--something William Cale was not able to do; however, we are still at a loss as to why Cale's departure should have helped the university when all other things remain equal.

Maybe Kittsy will do well to keep a close eye on Andrew "Iago" Luna. He obviously has a problem with his ability to do the pretty when confronted with reporters.



  1. Todd Nix went from cop to animal control to Director of Community Services. How did that happen? Was he just an easy pawn in city government?

  2. Someone told Nix to hire her. Who was it? This hiring was predicted years ago. Ole Dick is showing some wear and tear. I wonder if he will last long enough to get her the Tourism director job. I always thought she would look better with a younger man.