Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Some Well-Deserved Awards

The “Prince Will Biiiiite You!” Award goes to the Russellville city council which stated they were unsure about passing an animal control law since that might necessitate having to construct an animal shelter or “pound.”

The “You Just Know He's a Shyster” award goes to attorney Chris Childers who claimed Theodore Allen Vaughn had been found innocent of charges against him. If Vaughn was found “innocent,” he would be the first person in U.S. history to have been so. Let's see....does Childers think the pubic is that uneducated or did he sleep through three years of law school?

The “You Gotta Be Kiddin' Us” award is a tie. Shannon Johnson states he's simply misunderstood, and Christy Scott claims she had ineffective council. For those who might not remember, the
Russellville mother's attorney was Robert Tuten of Huntsville—he's almost as good as our friend Billy and costs even more.

The “Really?” award goes to the mother of Arabella Green. After her boyfriend accepted a plea deal allowing him to serve only one year in the death of their daughter, several wrote us that Kayla Cole knew nothing about it. We found that just a little odd. Now, she's a no-show at the sentencing of Justin Matthew Green. In fact, only Arabella's grandmother bothered to write a victim impact statement. BTW, Green says he thinks about the dead child every day. Big of him, isn't it?


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