Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lurid Florence Crime?

A local news site that we highly recommend states it doesn't publish lurid news. As for our political blog, we have to ask how politics in this state can be anything but lurid?

However, we've recently read some lurid crime news from the city of Florence that will blow your socks off. Where is it published? In No'Ala of all places. Our friend Allen Tomlinson has outdone himself in this piece of investigative journalism that we dare you not to enjoy.

You can find Tomlinson's expose' in the September/October issue of his magazine. Be sure to pick up a copy before they're all sold out.


Speaking of news, does our blog not show up in your regular FB news feed? Several readers have commented on this issue. We're looking into it, but in the interim you may have our blogs e-mailed to you as soon as they're published. Look to our left sidebar to register your address.


The white-out scandal of 2015: A reader has written to complain that the Lauderdale Circuit Court Clerk's office is taking time away from more pressing business when it whites out the current clerk's last name—Hibbett.

We're not sure how much time this would take, but our question upon hearing this news relates to the timing. Unless the now very public divorce has been finalized, isn't this just a little premature?


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