Friday, September 11, 2015

Green Gets Only One Year in Daughter's Death?

He said/she said/the kids said! Muddied waters, even with forensic evidence to the contrary, don't make a good case. So now Arabella's mother has accepted a plea from her one-time live-in love, the dead child's biological father.

While not as sad as the child's death, it's disturbing that we the tax payers were charged for extra forensic investigations ordered by Justin Matthew Green's defense. Ideally, Green will one day repay all court costs, but this is never a given.


So high-ranking Chinese Communist official Zing Zang Zung is the only owner of record for what was once Florence Golf & Country Club? And he has “rebuffed” the request of Florence to purchase this parcel for which the he has no actual use now...or ever?

Assuming Robert Palmer of the TimesDaily actually knows what the word “rebuff” means, the Chinese businessman said no in a rude, abrupt manner. Why does that not surprise us?

Zing Zang Zung wanted revenge on the city, so no animal shelter at the old country club. James Bankston and cronies see racial discrimination everywhere, so no animal shelter on Fairground Road?

We say let Bankston pony up the money for a lawsuit. We'll supply the popcorn.



  1. Little doubt that he deserved much more than he got, what a loser. But "Sholanda" you make yourself sound very uninformed when you say things like the child's mother accepted a plea deal. Anyone with a triple digit IQ could understand that a plea deal is offered by the DA and they decide the terms and etc., Bringing up the child's mother at all and especially in a negative light is very petty considering what the child's family has endured. The next time you wake up in a foul mood consider finding something else to give uninformed information about

    1. From the TD: Lauderdale County Assistant District Attorney Will Powell said Green entered the plea Thursday after discussions with the victim’s family.

  2. Just one stupid question, after reading through various bits and pieces. These guys are all hyped up to buy something with acreage (the fairground site is 29 acres). Yet when you examine's an animal shelter. What you basically need is 400 by 400 ft,and a small parking for ten cars at the most. So why a lot of acreage, unless there's something else tied to the animal shelter? Are they planning on taking lost elephants or such? Something has a funny smell on this whole episode.