Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Prince Takes a Bite out of Dave Smith's Backside

A guest blog:

Let me introduce myself, I'm Prince, a Canine American. My ancestors have lived in the Shoals since 1955—that's a lotta dog years. I'm not too proud to say that some of my people were once incarcerated in what Dave Smith calls a “dog pound.” Can I call him a “Negro?” Arf! Let's see how he likes that. He's sure no "Sam Pendleton."

I have news for Smith. The shelter houses cats, bunnies, birds, and sometimes even horses and other cattle. How about that, Mr. Smith? Sure, some animals are strays and might even be “impounded,” but it's not a dog pound. You're showing your vast ignorance and even painting all black people with the same brush as uncaring about the lesser of us.

Now my floppy ears keep hearing that the current choice for the site floods. Maybe it does; let's hear from someone with some real knowledge of it.

By the by, I was once incarcerated for biting the mail carrier. My family bailed me out pretty quick and took me to obedience school. Now they've told me I can feel free to bite any idiots on the city council. They're helping me make my list.


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