Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sheffield?/Jim Bankston

We've been asked why a private tractor-trailer rig is allowed to park at night in the Sheffield community center parking lot. We have no idea. Comments welcome.


Just for the record, John Ed Dearman of the Flor-Ala, the O'Neal Bridge does not join Muscle Shoals and Florence. Its northern end lies in Florence, while its southern terminus lies in Sheffield.


Moving on the new animal shelter: How many have noticed a “smell” at the current one? No one? That's what we thought. How about a horse pasture? Yep, there's one there usually.

We're going to give Jim Bankston the benefit of the doubt that he has an iota of common sense. So, let's see, Mr. Bankston, you think the shelter will bring in excess traffic, but commercial development
won't? Cancel that benefit.

Our opinion: Mr. Bankston, you're full of what's in the horse pasture!


1 comment:

  1. I think it's time for the mayor to resign. He has borrowed 19 million and screwed up the dog pound, got us screwed by the Zing Zangs, no museum for the stolen relics, no old folks building, no Pavement on Wood Ave. Looks like we could just turn the city over to the Tourism Board since they call all the shots. If we were really smart we would let Allison and her employees run the city since they have the credentials and honors of being number one in management.