Monday, September 14, 2015

Florence City Council Elections?

Coming soon to a voting booth near you: local elections. In Florence, Blake Edwards and Dave Smith already have opponents. More will be coming out of the woodwork shortly...we hope.

Blake Edwards has shown himself to be financially irresponsible and Dave Smith has shown himself to be a card sharp—in other words, he easily plays the race card.

Let's hope the city can field a new group of candidates who actually have common sense. Oh, okay, that was a little too much to ask; how about actually care about the welfare of Florence?


Over the past few months, we've taken a beating over alleged criticism of Muscle Shoals. Approximately 90% of our blogs on that city have been written by Muscle Shoals citizens. Now we'd like to again compliment that city.

We have occasion to visit Muscle Shoals about twice a month. We've never seen a parking problem at any schools and understand the board had just provided more parking for the high school. UNA could learn much from this.


Speaking of unfair criticism, a reader suggested we didn't appreciate truck drivers. Our recent query about parking in Sheffield was sent by a faithful reader. We happily post questions from our readers; that has nothing to do with our personal feelings on any subject.

Our personal opinion on this situation would be that the City of Sheffield might be providing a free service to one individual, a service it can't provide to all. In this case it would be wrong even if it were giving Mother Theresa a free spot to park each night.


We see Kyle Adcock is in the slammer until his trial in January. Good. Wonder whatever happened to his fiancee'?


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  1. Have you checked to see if the City Council plans to waste money getting a shelter into the west end instead of getting one ready... really visible in places ready to go. Race Card? Dave Smith is a really nice decent guy.. Maybe it's deserved in this instant.